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Love your body,
own your health

Eva Clinic is an adjunct breast health screening experience.

*powered by an FDA cleared adjunct breast infrared imaging device non intended to substitute or replace mammograms.

Eva is designed with mothers, sisters and daughters in mind. We are bringing a new era of preventative care that empowers women to own their health.

Our experience at Eva Clinic

How it works

Eva Clinic is powered by an FDA cleared adjunct breast infrared imaging device. This method detects differences in the breast skin surface temperatures which might be indicative of abnormalities.

What it takes

With Eva’s adjunct breast health screening you’ll live a unique, intimate, painless and non invasive experience in just 10 minutes.

Who it's for

If you have breasts, Eva is for you. Our experience is safe for women of all ages.

*Eva’s breast digital infrared imaging is not intended to replace or substitute your mammogram or further clinical examination.

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